Concentrated Liquid Coffee - Colombian - 64 oz - Bag In Box (69:1)


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Colombian Liquid Coffee Concentrate by All Day Gourmet - 64 oz - Bag In Box (69:1)

We have partnered with Red Diamond to produce our premium Colombian liquid coffee.

☕ Less waste, easier cleanup.

☕ Revolutionary process provides consistent flavor and aroma.

☕ Higher quality, more cost effective, and easier to use.

☕ 69:1 Mix Ratio - each box makes 35 gallons of hot Colombian coffee.

☕ Makes approx. 560 8oz cups of coffee

☕ Shelf Stable, DOES NOT require refrigeration.

☕ Shelf Life = 1 year unopened. 9 weeks opened.

*For use with a Scholle 1910 screw on connector.  If you are not sure if you have the right connection give one of our helpful staff a call.    800.344.2739

Product Name: Colombian Liquid Coffee Concentrate by All Day Gourmet - 64 ounce - Bag In Box (69:1)

Manufacturer: All Day Gourmet by Red Diamond

Item Code: 812535-023443