Decaf Colombian Raw Green Beans


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The Colombia Planadas Tolima Sugarcane Decaf is a regional selection of coffees produced in the Planadas region of the Department of Tolima. Prior to being decaffeinated, coffee is processed and milled at a unique "cold mill." This facility maintains cooler temperatures throughout the process, resulting in more steady water activity and shelf stability. Once thoroughly prepared and quality-tested, the proper amount of caffeine is removed using an ethyl acetate solvent. This alcohol-based solvent is produced by the company Sucromiles of Palmira (Valle State in Colombia). It is a natural solvent, obtained by controlled fermentation of sugarcane molasses, and refined to the highest degree of purity. (99.9%) DESCAFECOL is the only decaffeination plant in South America to use this process. The remaining residual acetate averages 1.0 ppm, which is very low compared to the international standards of quality of approximately 10 p.p.m.

This is considered one of the best tasting Decafs on the market today.