Roaring Panther Dark Roast Espresso


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The Panther blend is one of our darkest espresso's.  The Panther blend high altitude coffees with bold smokey flavor.  It comes from a legend of leaders among Native Americans.

"Like No Other Dark Roast Coffee" - We start with the finest quality arabica coffee beans from Africa, and the Americas (the exact blend remains our secret). Then we slow roast each bean to a rich, dark finish.

Among some eastern tribes such as the Eastern Shawnees and Seminoles the Panther is considered noble animals with powerful hunting medicine, and the Panther is one of their major clan animals. In the legends of these tribes, Panther sometimes features as a leader or warrior of the animal people

  • A full-bodied, espresso roast designed to play well with milk, but rich enough to hold its own.

  • A Strong Native American Black Drink

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  • 100% Arabica Coffee

  • Our Native American master roasters bring the beans along, the heat taking them deep and dark

    Product Name: Native American Coffee - Roaring Panther

    Manufacturer: Native American Coffee

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