Public Relations Coffee Box - Portion Packets


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A variety of 2 to 4 oz coffees including:   2 All Day Gourmet, 2 Coffee USA, 2 Coffee Club, 2 Native American, and 4 Various Packages including Starbucks, Community, Copper Moon or Others on hand.

A morning just isn't complete without that cup of coffee. So, why not enhance someone else’s day with the most delicious coffees available. Our gourmet coffee gift boxes are full of different coffee to turn their morning regimen into a ritual. 

  • Includes a variety of All Day Gourmet, Sacred Grounds, Native American Coffee,
    Coffee USA, and Starbucks.

  • Manufacturer: - All Day Gourmet - Coffee.Club and National American Coffee Roasters

    Item Code: GB351-PR-Coffee and GB355-PR-K-Cups