Yuban Coffee - Regular Roast (100% Arabica) - 42 - 1.5 oz. Pillow Pack - 12 Cup


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Made with Rainforest Alliance certified, 100% Arabica coffees
 Promotes socially responsible, sustainable coffee farming practices
 Medium-roasted - brews a deliciously smooth cup of coffee
 Each 1.5oz pillow pack brews a 10 to 12 cup pot of coffee


Yuban Regular Roast Rainforest Alliance™ Certified Coffee 1.50oz Packets

Through their partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, Yuban supports coffee farming that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Kraft Foods has been in the coffee business for over 100 years (Maxwell House, Yuban, and other premium coffee brands) and is deeply committed to the continued growth and success of the coffee industry. This special partnership between Kraft and the Rainforest Alliance promotes truly sustainable coffee production. The success of this partnership aids the farmers who work so hard to grow such exceptional coffee crops, greatly improves the lives of these coffee farmers and their families, and increases the strength and the long-term viability of the sustainable coffee business.

It's good for coffee drinkers, too - helping these deeply committed and highly skilled farmers means ensuring that premium, hand-nurtured coffees will be available for years and years to come. Yuban understands the concerns of environmentally and socially conscious coffee consumers. That's why Yuban is produced according to the strict specifications of the Rainforest Alliance regarding respect for both people and the environment.

 Yuban Coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans
 Medium-roasted to perfection - brews a deliciously smooth cup of coffee

 Contains a minimum of 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Coffee
 Rainforest Alliance certification helps promote socially responsible, sustainable coffee production

 At home or office - pillow packs are simple, convenient, easy-to-use
 Air tight packaging keeps your coffee fresher, longer
 Ideal for coffee pot brewers, airpot coffee brewers, and thermal server coffee brewers

 Each pillow pack = 1.50oz of pre-measured, ground coffee
 Each pillow pack brews a full 10 to 12 cup pot of coffee
 Each box = 42 pillow packs

Product Name: Yuban Coffee - Regular Roast (100% Arabica) - 42 - 1.5 0z. Pillow Pack - 12 Cup

Manufacturer: Kraft

Item Code: 86655

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